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Tom was raised around music and given the

first chance, he immediately picked up the instrument that made the most noise possible.


From age 11 he hasn’t stopped. Early influences like AC/DC and Midnight Oil formed his hard hitting clean style. Then the speed and punk beats came from playing along with NOFX, Blink 182

and Green Day.


Straight up rock beats is Toms strength

and that’s where he hangs his hat now with his country rock band Silverstring Outlaws. They’ve been dominating the BnS party scene in south east Australia now for over ten years. With the release of their first original material in a long time, and with a refreshed lineup the band is gearing up for a huge 2020.

Check out their song South. And keep an eye out for new music during the year. 


Tom has also played in many other bands including Common Thread, Andrew Swift, Horsell Common

and Sam Riddle (USA).

He has also recorded in Aus and USA with producers the likes of DW Norton (Superheist), Jim Ward (At the Drive In, Sparta) and Beau McKee. 

  • Silverstring-Outlaws-Youtube
  • Silverstring-Outlaws-Facebook
  • Silverstring-Outlaws-Instagram



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