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Our Brand, Our Ethos, Our Promise....


We are an Australian Owned, Melbourne based Drumstick and Apparel company. Since our inception in 2018, we have spent time ensuring our product is of the highest quality. Our drumsticks are manufactured from the finest hand selected North American Hickory and thoroughly tested to industry standards. This process includes Weight-matching, Digital Pitch Testing and Hand-packaging. Our product has incredible durability because our drumsticks are not massed produced.


Our ethos is family. We keep that centric to how we do business. All our artists are looked after as part of the BSP family, ensuring each artist is regularly checked in on, that they have the products they need in advance, regular conversations to ensure everyone is happy and we believe our foundation that we have built is special because of this.


In the same way, we retain our customers through our service, our product, and our communication. We deliver to our customers and artists, on time, as and when requested and ensure we always have stock available.


Our promise to you, is that we will deliver the high level of standard that our artists and customers are already receiving and include you into our ‘family’ way of thinking as our partner. You will have 100% communication with both owners James Noble and Steve Rego, who will ensure that we are keeping our promise to you.

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