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Born in country town Wagga Wagga, Sinead found herself to be one of the only female drummers actively playing in bands in her local scene. At 12 years old she began learning and becoming more and more inspired about her future career as a musician.


In her teenage years she played in a metal/punk influenced band around NSW, falling in love with playing fast and loud. Since graduating high school she packed up and moved to Melbourne at 18 years old to seek a new musical project. Hustling her way into Melbourne’s music scene she took the opportunity to network and get her name known.


Sinead’s drumming influences include bands like Spiderbait, Sleep, Earthless, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Motörhead and a vast selection of local doom, punk and rock’n roll bands.


Sinead is most known for being in the all-female rock’n roll band ‘The Miffs’ who, since breaking into the local scene in 2022 have quickly gained a large following and an overwhelming positive response. The Miffs are well know for their engaging live performances and fierce energy and flair. They have spent their first months as a band playing gigs every weekend, a few of which have sold out quickly, gained support from local brands and artists, featured in local zines and have since released their first single “Hush”.

The Miffs have been busily recording their first EP, working on new songs and will again get straight back to playing an array of incredible gigs.


Sinead’s drumming career is a young one but destined to be a long one. The Miffs are motivated to keep their momentum going and continue to grow, they are a band you want to keep an eye on this year.

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