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Sam started playing drums at the impressionable age of 10 when he could finally reach the pedals properly on his father’s kit. Initially starting out on piano, his passion for playing the drums has been a constant throughout his life and it is undoubtedly the power of the instrument and the ability to command crowd and band mate attention that keeps the passion burning. 


Having played in primary and high school bands, Sam takes inspiration from a wide variety of styles. Throughout high school, metal drumming was a huge source of inspiration and many hours were spent playing along to Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, Meshuggah, and tons more.


Since joining his band ‘Wolf & Chain’, his love for metal, punk, and emo music has blossomed. Wolf & Chain have been making a name for themselves as energetic and powerful performers. Having completed their first tour in early 2021 with Sydney’s ‘Clay J Gladstone’ and Melbourne’s ‘Drastic Park’, the future looks bright for Wolf & Chain. Their debut EP ‘An Honest Mistake’ is out everywhere and a second EP is due for release later in 2021.

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Sam gutwein


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