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Being the youngest of 3, guitar-wielding brothers, the family band needed a drummer.

I got into the kit at a young age, with influences from the family leading me to play old-school heavy metal like Black Sabbath, traditional rock such as AC/DC, and funk-rock including the Chilli Peppers.

I was the kid in primary school that walked around with the discman and a pouch fully-loaded with CDs. I began to develop my own taste with more modern heavy metal genres; first going through a big System of a Down phase, then riding the nu-metal wave thanks to Linkin Park, Korn, Slipknot, and eventually down the melodic death-metal rabbit hole led by In Flames.

By the time I was finishing high-school, the old iPod Nano was chock-full of everything from Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold - all that good emo shit.

Today I am playing drums with my favorite group of humans and musicians, Excuse for an Exit; a female-fronted ‘alternative, pop-punky, heavy but sad, sad but fun’ sounding band, with an affinity for diversity and inclusivity.

Since releasing our EP ‘Hot Mess,’ we’ve been fortunate enough to sell-out venues from our hometown of Gippsland, to Melbourne

With two additional single releases and more in the barrel, we’re always keen to jump on stage and share our passion with any willing to join us.
Get around it!

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  • Excuse For An Exit
  • Excuse For An Exit





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