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It was around the age of 12 when Nikki started playing on a drum kit her grandparents found a ‘free to a good home’ drum kit in pieces on the side of the road when she assembled it terribly and began her curiosity behind the drum kit and began to teach herself from watching other drummers online.

Playing in a school band with her siblings, Nikki went on to begin playing gigs (of original music and covers) throughout various venues in Melbourne such as ‘Cherry Bar’ and ‘Max Watts Melbourne’ and playing at local festivals which developed her skills in conjunction with watching YouTube drum covers and putting them into practice at home.

It was when she was 17 and finishing high school when Nikki landed a role drumming in a promotional video for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival where she played a 2-minute drum solo with a full video production team when she decided to combine her passion for the kit with apparel modelling to create her niche brand. Her gigs with her sisters ended during pandemic lockdowns in 2021 and since then she’s been honing her technique and currently plays drum covers for online release on her social media in 2022.



Nikki takes inspiration from renowned musicians online such as Anika Nilles and Matt Gartska as well as close friend Ryan Perillo who’s currently mentoring her craft through exploring different play styles such as EDM and Trap in addition to love for traditional Pop Rock.

You’ll find Nikki playing acoustic gigs with her sisters around Melbourne’s live music scene when she’s not in the studio recording drum covers.

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