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After seeing silverchair live in concert on the Frogstomp tour in 1995, 15 year old Nick's future was clear - learn the drums and join a rock band.

Immersing himself in the 90s Australian music scene, Nick joined the Melbourne rock trio Antiskeptic in 1999 and quickly found himself on a rock and roll ride that has lasted over 20 years and over 1000 shows across Australia and New Zealand.

Taking inspiration from drumming heavyweights such as Chad Smith, Dave Grohl, Stewart Copeland, Tre Cool, and Ben Gillies, Nick's hard hitting and passionate drumming has become a key part of Antiskeptic's

sound and live show and 

helped the band achieve three critically acclaimed albums, a relentless touring schedule and the gathering of a hugely dedicated fanbase, becoming

Triple J darlings in the process thanks to their 2002 Hottest 100 hit ‘Called’.

Nick lives near Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast with his family and is currently working on Antiskeptic's fourth studio album.

  • Antiskeptic Bandcamp
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