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After being accepted into the school band in rural Western Australia to play trumpet, Gerbz moved to percussion and then onto drums where he couldn't help but fall in love with it.


Having "borrowed" his next door neighbors drum kit to have a play around and get a feel for the instrument, he started learning a few things from his favorite bands and realized that drums were easily the best thing that happened to him.


Starting out playing riffs and beats with his friends in school led them to creating a band, which inspired Gerbz to push himself further into the music industry and drumming. Having listened to Slipknot, Motionless in White and Limp Bizkit growing up playing drums, its really brought his own sound to the drums.


Gerbz moved from WA over to Melbourne to join "The Weight of Silence" at age 18 and hasn't looked back!


 Having toured Australia multiple times, New Zealand and the Philippines, its just the beginning of his drumming/music career as he looks to move into session drumming.


Going from punk to metal to rap to jazz, Gerbz is always trying to evolve his drumming to the next level.


Fast forward to 2021, "TWOS" released their

2nd album with "Give The People What They Want" which now has over 1 million streams and have been played in over 85 countries.

  • The Weight Of Silence
  • The Weight Of Silence
  • The Weight of Silence
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