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My name is Mikaela Swan, and I am a female drummer who is all about changing people's perceptions, providing entertainment, and expressing my creativity through social media. I enjoy playing various genres such as rock, indie, heavy metal, pop and classic.


Growing up, I was inspired to drum by my father, who played slipknot very often when I was a child. I still remember him telling me the story of how he used to play it on the speakers, and I would rock back and forth on the floor. Then, one Christmas, my parents gifted me a plastic drum kit, which made me develop a strong passion for drumming. After discovering Dave Grohl, the founder of Foo Fighters, playing the drums for Nirvana, I was forever obsessed with the idea of playing the drum kit.


After school, I tried to find my place in the vast and scary music industry, desperately trying to find myself a band that would take me on. I can't say I had much luck; instead, I shot and uploaded many videos of playing my favourite songs. It turns out it wasn't such a bad idea because, hey, I found my bands and you're here reading this.


Since then, I have become a professional drummer in my own right. I currently drum for four amazing bands, example, Dizzy Days, Staples, Happy Valley and Lounge. As well as playing on the big stage with my bands, I love to continue uploading videos on social media sharing my love for drumming and art. I have performed with many established artists in various stages of success, such as Sorah Snow, Lucy Francesca Dron, Nicole Mckinney, Big Blue Eyes & Oskar Campbell. I am forever thankful for everyone that has made my dream feasible and for the opportunities I have been given.

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