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"Some people find the drums, turns out the drums found me. I actually never wanted to be a drummer per se, but after being mesmerised by an afro-cuban percussion ensemble in a school assembly, I knew I wanted to play. A few weeks later I found myself behind a drum kit in my first lesson at age 9.


Throughout school I tried to play in as many musical contexts as possible ranging from percussion ensembles, jazz acts, concert bands and my very own original rock n roll acts. I didn’t care what genre, I just wanted to be there.


Fast forward to present day I play in a band called MOBS. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, we play 80s inspired pop pulling inspiration from icons such as Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper, Wham and Michael Jackson. 


MOBS are currently signed with Rude Records out of Milan, Italy and Capital Artist Management in UK. Our debut record, Cinema Paradiso came out in 2020 and was a huge achievement for all of us in MOBS. Each song is based off an 80’s movie such as Top Gun, E.T and the Terminator to name a few.


A few highlights of my career was doing a 8 show tour throughout China (including Wuhan) in late 2019, selling out the Cinema Paradiso album release show in 2021, and honestly just all the people I’ve met along the way.


My biggest inspirations behind the kit are Benny Grebb, Carter Mclean, Jake Goss of Lany, Freddy Sheed & Manu Katche.


Whilst 2020 was an unfortunate year for both MOBS and all musicians alike, onwards and upwards; I’m looking forward to seeing what post-covid will bring to the music industry."

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