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Matt Davenport and Nicolas Cage Fighter are coming out swinging! Combining ruthless hardcore, late 90s metal and death metal influences, the band deftly weave a sound that is as burly as it is brutal, pummeling all those that get in their way.


They most recently made a mark with the 2021 EP Cast You Out, demonstrating what they were capable of, and now they return with The Bones That Grew From Pain, upping the ante across the board.

Formed in Ballarat, Victoria in 2011, the band have worked slowly and steadily to build their profile, dropping singles and EPs and sharing stages with the likes of Attila, Thy Art Is Murder, Thick As Blood and Deez Nuts, building a devoted fan base.

With their guitarist Justin Ellis and bassist

Tom Bardwell hailing from a hardcore background

and drummer Matt Davenport having cut his teeth in death metal the blending of styles comes naturally to the band, with the dynamic, wide ranging vocal techniques of frontman Nicholas Moriarty holding the whole thing together.

“We’re offering innovation not emulation. We feel we are pushing the boundaries and we are trying not to pigeonhole ourselves into one genre whilst also maintaining good song flow and structure. There are so many international bands we’d love to tour with, so hopefully this album will let us do that.”

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