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Born and raised in Hobart Tasmania, Jason has spent the last 25 years making music with mates, thriving on the creativity and comradery of writing original music. 

A well-known figure in the Tasmanian punk rock scene, Jason has gained an enormous amount of respect through hard work and dedication to the craft, always working on his technique and performance. Originally self-taught, he later took it upon himself to study different styles of music, adding greater dimension and flair to his drumming.

Jason's drumming has taken him all over the country touring and recording albums (including 5 EP's & 2 LP's) for Stand Defiant, Ride the Tiger and now Knife Hands.

His current project, Knife Hands, formed in 2015 and instantly marked the Australian punk rock scene with a bright blend of progressive, pop soaked melodies, prodigious drumming and razor sharp guitar work. A sound that was carved into their opening short-form release, The Doomsday Book (2016), followed by their celebrated debut LP, Milestones (2021). 


"There's a deep-seated feeling of honesty and vulnerability in this sound, and Knife Hands have nailed it perfectly. This album (Milestones) in a room full of people singing these melodies, that sounds just wonderful to me." (Josh Merriel, Triple J - Short Fast Loud).

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