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Jack began his percussion career in primary school at age 8 - when every kid wanted to play the 'rock music' instruments for school band and he immediately was drawn to the loudest of the bunch. 


In the beginning, it was all showtunes and big band music, until his passion for playing really kicked in after listening to some heavier tracks. This continued in his teens, and he spent countless afternoons playing along with counterparts records, much to the dismay of the close neighbours. 


He played jazz and 80s inpired punk throughout high school, and sporadically played some live shows before connecting with some friends for a screamo project reminiscent of the bands that inspired him in adolescence. 'Bloom' gradually picked up some steam in the local scene and from there it has been a whirlwhind journey of playing shows across Australia and hanging out with the amazing community in hardcore. 


Sharing the stage in 2020/2021 with the likes of Thornhill, Knocked Loose, Justice for the Damned and Terror, Jack and Bloom are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. 


Sydney Screamo 4eva 

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