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Jackson is the drummer for Melbourne-based alt-rock outfit Loose End and has been a part of this line-up for two and a half years.

Originally from a small country town in rural Victoria, Jackson moved to Melbourne a little over two years ago in the hopes of pursuing his musical aspirations and finding better opportunities to grow his career.

Starting on the drums at the age of 13, he started his first band, Makeshift Believers, with current Loose End guitarist Ben Schmidt when they were 14.

In the following years he also joined another local hardcore act Blind Eye and remained part of both bands for the following 18 months. Recording an album and EP with both bands and going on to tour the east coast with Blind Eye in mid-2016.


Loose End have recently played a sold-out show at the Catfish in Fitzroy, following the highly successful digital release of their EP “Overthinking Everything I Know”. They recorded this EP with Christopher Vernon and Declan White halfway through 2018. You can find their material in the social links below. 


Loose End have plans to take their highly passionate

and energetic performances to all major cities along the east coast within the next 12 months and have already begun writing for their next release.

Loose End are definitely an act to get behind

as they are not ones to disappoint. 

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