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Elly Vex is one of those multi skilled drummers who can not only sing relentlessly whilst playing but also swaps mid-set to guitar. This can be witnessed in her two-piece Indie Rock band Mannequin Death Squad. 
Growing up in both Melbourne & Los Angeles, Elly made her first ‘pot and pans’ drum kit at age thirteen. Listening to Dave Grohl led her into taking up VCE Percussion. She finally bought her first silver, glittery Pearl Export and began playing in a rock band in high school. Covering bands like Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Nirvana & more, offending school coordinators but still placing wins at the Battle Of The Bands. 

Out of high school, she continued to play in a handful of garage bands until forming punk rock duo Mannequin Death Squad (MDS) in 2016. MDS are an instrument swapping two-piece, one girl & one boy indie rock band, which means Elly shreds guitar as much as she is on the sticks, not to mention sings. 

Mannequin Death Squad have shared the stage with many including: Frenzal Rhomb, Waax, British India, Slaves (UK) and Amyl and the Sniffers to name a few. Having toured the UK three times and being invited to play the historic Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. The band’s latest single ‘Super Mental Psycho’ has been featured as new rock track of the week on ‘Planet Rock’ (UK), as well being spun by ‘Kerang!’(UK), ‘Soho Radio Culture’ (UK) and others. 

Mixing catchy pop melodies with ferocious punk rock riffs, their latest debut album ‘Super Mental Psycho’ was co-produced with legendary Australian producer Mark Opitz (ACDC, INXS, The Angels, Divinyls). 

Gearing up for another UK/Europe tour in 2023, MDS have a big year ahead of them, watch this space. 




Elly VEX

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