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Growing up in rural Victoria Darcy Handley began his musical journey as a drummer at age 16, he sent out the rest of his teenage years playing loudly (and poorly) to any punk songs he could find.


Entering the Melbourne music scene in his early 20’s Darcy sharpened his skills in local punk band bridge the border whilst learning everything he could about production and sound engineering. After collaborating with Alt-rock band Terra Darcy was fortunate to be offered a spot in their line-up change bringing his production experience and loud energetic performances to a broader audience all around Australia. 


Terra have since supported a menagerie of bands from the alternative scene including: Tonight Alive, We the kings, Knocked Loose, Skillet, Yours Truly, Ocean Grove and more. Having just finished recording their sophomore EP Darcy and Terra are ecstatic to bring their energy back to the stage in 2021.

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