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Dan Northcott is an Abstract minded, odd creature but mostly, a passionate drummer and musician.  Since having a love of music at a young age he always wanted to be able to play an instrument. Originally trying to play the guitar with no luck he switched it up to drums and immediately fell in love. 


Dan enjoys many sports including, Football (Soccer), Futsal, Golf, Swimming and going to the Gym. Other hobbies including playing games and shout casting eSport games in his spare time. 


A big milestone was going to his first-ever gig, which happened to be Soundwave 2011. Seeing some of the biggest acts in the world, the energy, the crowd, and the passion solidified what he thought he already had a growing love for. 


Being able to show his love of music comes in many forms. From short clips on social media, Spotify, iTunes, major streaming platforms and live shows as the Drummer for Empire Within. 

Surrounded by like-minded people in his teen years through multiple projects and now with Empire Within.

A Lifelong passion he hopes to follow

for as long as he can. 

  • Empire Within-Youtube
  • Empire Within-Instagram


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