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Corey Jay Dodd ( Doddy ) is a 28yr old Northern NSW based drummer reigning out of Lismore.

Corey is stepping in & around the drumming community making mates all over Australia through playing, tech & hire of drums fuelling his passion of music.


Corey was around percussion from a very young age with his Father having a drum kit & has grown up drumming along on the car headrests & dashboard everywhere they drove carefully listening & copying every move. 

His Father Matthew has always been a huge inspiration to progress Corey’s playing growing up throughout the years & has always been his number 1 fan in return. As for his Mother Natalie, although deep down she didn’t like the noise, she always supported him 100%


He drummed in school all through primary but didn’t get his first drum kit or start lessons until 2007 when he was 12 & starting high school, the same time his uncle played him Metallica for the first time and opened the door of double kicks. This started the journey of heavy music & led him to todays go to favourite Genre of Metalcore.


Fast Forward to 2017 & his band Blood Knuckles formed releasing debut EP “ Voices” in 2018 taking off and playing alongside some of his favourite artist like Hands Like Houses, Young Lions, Stepson, She Cries Wolf, Thornhill, BLOOM and many more,

Corey is currently still playing for Blood Knuckles with latest release “ Premeditated “ 

Whilst recently joining up with Brisbane Pop Punk / Metalcore band ALL HOURS.


Corey has a growing social media presence and has utilised this to help with Drum Tech, Hire & session work alongside playing shows. He’s all about growth in the Aus music scene & is honoured to rep AUS brands. After covid holding things back for so long he is pumped to be apart of things booming again.  

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