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My names Beau, I’m the drummer for SUSPYRIA. 


Born and raised in a quiet country town north-east of Melbourne called Kinglake. Between the ages of 9 and 12 I was learning guitar which I soon came to realise I was no good at and would rather hit things with sticks, I had my first hit on a drumkit when I was 13 and have not looked back. 


I’ve played in many different bands of many different genres over the years until about 4-5 years ago were I found my home in SUSPYRIA.


I have had many different musical influences throughout my career but my main ones that have never changed would have to be Danny Carey from TOOL, Chad Smith from the Chilli Peppers, Dan Searle from Architects and Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. 


My band, SUSPYRIA, have just released a brand new album in October 2022 titled “The Valley of Despair” in which we’ve had a crazy response to. If you get a chance give it a listen and hopefully you like what you hear! 






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