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Ali grew up in Melbourne’s South-East suburbs and has always had a keen interest in music

Her drumming journey began over a decade ago. After creating her own ‘kit’ from Tupperware and using pencils as drumsticks, she was gifted her first drum kit and has never looked back. Musically, Ali’s teenage years consisted of Paramore, Tonight Alive, PVRIS as well as her personal favorite band, Fleetwood Mac.

Ali joined ALL REGARDS in March 2019, becoming a permanent member shortly after. Since their first rehearsal, the trio has gained a unique musical connection and will impress viewers with their onstage chemistry.


Even during the midst of COVID, ALL REGARDS have gone from strength to strength - releasing two Triple J played singles, scoring shows and support slots across Melbourne, and creating connections that promise an exciting future for the band.

Over the past two years, Ali’s playing and confidence has grown exponentially, showing this is just the beginning for the young drummer.

  • Cheap-Skate
  • Cheap-Skate
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