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Adam first started messing around on the drums as a kid after his neighbour let him have a go on their kit. Realising he loved it, he got a kit for his 11th birthday and began taking lessons.


Starting out, Adam was heavily influenced by his Dad’s taste in music, playing along to bands like; The Offspring, Blink-182, Limp Bizkit and Metallica. As he continued, Adam grew to love playing everything from Funk/Hip-Hop to Deathcore, drawing inspiration from drummers such as Matt Halpern, Thomas Lang and Alex Rudinger. 


Throughout his school years he could always be found jamming with the school band,  performing at assemblies and school related gigs, thus developing a passion for playing live music. In his mid-teens he started his first band, “Black Horizon'' with his school friends in 2015.


Through his time in his first band he made friends in the Melbourne heavy scene, which soon resulted in Adam joining his first Metalcore band, Nerve Endings. Over the following years,  Adam became increasingly hooked on playing heavier styles of music, leading him into joining Endless Cold. This further fuelled his passion for heavy music which continues to grow to this day. 


In 2019, Adam formed his current band “Wake the Blind”, and got to work writing music for their debut EP “Broken Casket”, which released June of 2020. Following the EP, the band has been hitting the Melbourne circuit hard, playing shows with the likes of; Bad/Love, Pridelands, Lune and many more. The group has no plans of slowing down as they’ve begun writing for their second EP, with its release planned for later this year.

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