Sean Tighe (born 21 December 1995) is an Australian drummer and singer-songwriter; known for being a high energy, entertaining performer in the Australian pop rock band, 3REE. Since 2019: 3REE have built an impressive global following, with a combined fan base of 350,000 followers on Instagram, 560,000 streams and 35,000 monthly Spotify listeners.


Sean's 1st gigging band were called 'Crank', a group of lads put together by the Rock Music school he attended in Perth. After jamming and playing with local young musicians, Sean joined local Perth Rock band Amberdown at 17. The band were seasoned in gigging with original music and experience, which helped Sean learn the ropes of doing a rock show. On the 23rd May 2015; the band won a local radio station competition and opened for legends Alice Cooper and Motley Crue at the World renowned 14000 seat Perth Arena. 18 year old Sean kicked off the evening in the cavernous arena with a highly energetic set.

Soon after in 2015, Sean joined Perth pop punk band, Small Town Heroes. The band in 2016 were discovered by LA producer John Feldmann and signed as The Faim, with BMG Music. The band went on to tour Europe, Australia and America. Sean in this period got to meet with some of his biggest heroes in music including; Travis Barker (Blink 182), Josh Dunn (21 Pilots) Ashton Irwin (5SOS) and Shawn Mendes.

Sean's reputation as an outstanding young talent was being recognised in the media; "Sean Tighe drums with the power of a 100 Megaton bomb. He is a combination of Animal from the Muppets and Keith Moon from The Who”. Drummer Sean Tighe goes nuts behind the kit and makes for an entertaining watch. "Sean Tighe (drummer) is definitely a hidden talent and one to watch. Being able to see the enjoyment while demonstrating his skills was incredible to watch. You can tell that music is what he loves and that easily radiated through his performance."

In Dec 2019 Sean left The Faim and in January 2019 formed the band 3REE with former Lions Estate singer, songwriter Mitch Volcan. This happened after they exchanged messages on Instagram and within 3 days of talking, Sean flew the 5 hours from Perth to Sydney to meet Mitch in person. Over a 2 week period they created '3REE' & wrote their First EP also named 3REE. 'Out of my mind' was the 1st single release, followed by 'Manic' and 'Diagnose me'. Sean produced the accompanying videos, captured literally on an iPhone.

Between Sept 2019 and January 2020, under the moniker Seany T, Sean released a solo project: the songs, 'Freedom Addict' and 'God Help Me'. Self-written and produced. Sean also produced the Freedom Addict accompanying video, filmed in Fremantle and Perth Australia.

With over 200,000 streams on 3REE's first EP: all from an independent release, 3REE toured sold out shows in the UK in 2019 and early 2020. The catchy pop single ‘Fake Love' was released on 27th May 2020, followed by the brilliantly produced 'Holding On’. Both tracks were written and produced in the UK with Producer Alex Mcmain. With Covid-19 preventing further touring, Sean and Mitchell continued to write original content, whilst releasing mashups of classic artists songs, from lockdown in Sydney and Perth Australia.

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