Paul started playing drums at age 12 in grade six and immediately fell in love. He started playing as

a bit of a hobby and as he got older his love grew

and the desire to play live and push himself to a higher level grew as well.


He fell in love with the likes of Mike Portnoy, The Rev, Ray Luzier, Chad Smith and frequently played to as many albums as he could.

 Joining his first band 'Lace and Whiskey' in July 2013 and soon recorded their first EP in December of the same year. Another EP followed before leaving the band for personal reasons in August 2014.

After 6 months out of the music scene Paul decided it was time to start up again and in March 2015 officially joined 'Little Danger' soon becoming

'One More Weekend'.


"One More Weekend has been a massive influence on my life and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today".

Since joining the band, I’ve toured all up the east coast of Australia, been to new and exciting places, been to old and familiar places, recorded a full length album, met some amazing people and played with some incredible bands, watched some of the best drummers do their thing and every drummer I come across I’m inspired to do what they can do and someday learn what they do so I can better myself.


Being a part of Big Sound is a very exciting opportunity and a new challenge I welcome with open arms. I’m excited to work with Steve and the team, as well as express myself with the help of The Big Sound sticks. Not to mention collaborate with the other amazing drummers on the Big Sound roster!!

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