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Hailing from the West Coast of Australia, Lonny didn't pick up the drums till he was in his early 20's simply due to mates needing a drummer for a band competition.


Realising how much he enjoyed hitting things in front of a crowd and his love for Punk rock music, Lonny was already surrounded by professional and touring Musicians, many requiring drummers. Teaching himself to play faster and hanging out at the local Drum Shop on his lunch break pestering them with questions about the drums.

After only a few years behind the kit, Lonny found himself playing for his favorite local Hardcore Band, Battletuk. Performing and touring throughout Australia, along with regularly supporting both National and International acts.

Come 2012, Lonny made the move to the East Coast after taking time off from drumming, but spent his time hanging out watching his mate Gordy playing drums for Mindsnare / Frenzal Rhomb and it wasn't long before he was back behind the kit, playing for local acts, starting new bands and constantly becoming a go to drummer for session and fill in work in the Melbourne music scene. 

Currently, Lonny has been working with legendary Melbourne based Drummer DK Dan Kerby, (Bliss n Eso/28 Days/Behind Crimson Eyes) Drum Teching. Due to DK's busy schedule, Lonny has become a regular playing for one of his childhood favorite bands 28 Days.

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28 DAYS / Session

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