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Lochlan's music journey started way back at the end of 2010 when he got home and was told by his mum that he was going to start drum lessons as he went into high school. "I don't wanna learn the drums" little Lochlan said foolishly. But his mum stayed true to her word and after one lesson....He was hooked. 


It started out with all the basics, Green Day, ACDC, ect. But then Lochlan's life changed once again when he told his drum teacher that he wanted to learn how to play "the double kicker" as lil lochlan put it and his drum teacher introduced to the legendary Parkway drive.....It was all over for the neighbors after that. 


Fast forward 11 years, hundreds of hours behind the kit, a few failed band attempts and dozens of school teachers telling him "don't hit so hard!", Lochlan has joined the hardcore band Through It All and is finnaly able to flex his creativity and hit as hard as he likes.

  • Through It All HC
  • Through It All HC
  • Through It All HC





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