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With a mother who sang in rock covers bands up until a few weeks before he was born, it's safe to say that musical roots run deep for JP!


Taking up drums at the age of 12, his first experiences with music were buying the ever classic Nirvana album Nevermind and a pair of drumsticks, and took to any hard surface nearby to bash out a shoddy rendition, stereo cranked full volume (much to the dismay of everyone).


Eventually his father caved to his constant begging and bought him an electric kit which he still has today and practices on regularly. Starting garage bands with his school friends and belting terrible Metallica, Nirvana and Guns N Roses covers was surely the highlight of JP’s adolescence. 


Eventually 2 of those original members, along with one more guitarist formed JP’s first serious band, Lunchtime. He was with the group more than 3 years and in the last 18 months they recorded their debut EP, Feedback.

A few months later he left the band due to personal differences and has since Played with Burning Virtues, FriendlyFire, Untuned and The Dangerous Folk, as well as his current bands Pretty Cash, Give It All and Commonside.


This year is set to be JP’s biggest, with 4 tours,

3 albums and hundreds of gigs expected throughout 2019. One tour even sees JP heading to his home country of the UK to fill in with a good friends band. 


Exciting things ahead for JP’s future, make sure to check  out the links below! JP's coming soon to a venue near you!!

  • Facebook-PrettyCash
  • YouTube-Lunchtime
  • Pettycashband-Instagram



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