Jordan started playing the drums at age 15. After learning the basics on a friends drumkit, his parents prized him with his own for his 16th birthday.

Early influences such as AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, The Amity Affliction, Bullet for my Valentine and Queens of the Stone Age carved out his playing styles. Whilst Jordan remains self taught and always strives to learn new skills.

Eventually, he and his mates got together and burst out on the scene as In Deception in 2017. The boys immediately began supporting acts such as Deez Nuts, Dream on Dreamer, Boris the Blade and Dregg. Even organising their own interstate tours with the likes of Arkive, Path of Victory and We Set Signals.

In Deception released their debut EP 'Lore' in 2018. 

Jordan then joined Drastic Park, a pop punk band which quickly rose to popularity through their online humour. He stood down as drummer after the release of their debut EP 'Last World' in 2020.

Now playing live shows with Jack Milligan, Jordan is exercising his skills in pop, funk and soul.