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Graham King is a professional drummer born out of

the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.  

He is the drummer in Melbourne band Colour and Shade, supporting artists such as Polaris, Justice for

the Damned and Pridelands. 

Graham plays live and records as a session drummer

for Melbourne artists such as Wolf and Willow,

Jess Fairlie, Ellery Cohen and many more.

Graham has enjoyed playing in the corporate and wedding side of the music industry for the past 5 years as well as playing at his local church in both live and recording settings, featuring on their latest album.

He and his wife are the owners of Sammy’s Music School in Kilsyth, where they are using music to strengthen the local community and bring new

faces into the music industry. For more information

Check out: 

Some of his main influences in the Hardcore/Metal Scene include bands such as A Day to Remember, Peirce the Veil, Northlane, Paramore, Attack Attack, Memphis May Fire, Animals As Leaders and Periphery

  • YouTube-Colour-And-Shade
  • Colour-And-Shade-Instagram



graham king


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