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Dave started playing drums about 18 years ago, influenced by early punk rock from bands like The Casualties, NOFX and Blink 182. Dave discovered that he loved playing fast and hard, and sought lessons early on from an ex-army snare drummer.


After acquiring an electric kit at the age of 13 (which has been his workhorse kit to this day), things turned from lessons to play-throughs of songs he enjoyed at the time - early metalcore and hardcore. Quickly developing a passion for heavy hitting hardcore drumming and, of course, breakdowns. 


Currently Dave play drums for the Brisbane local hardcore act "Ocean Shores" and have been touring Brisbane and Gold Coast venues since late 2019 when the band started, quickly acquiring a following and bringing back the hardcore sound.

When the joy that was 2020 struck us all, Ocean Shores stuck together working hard on recording their EP and bringing out their debut music video - leading to a very promising line-up of events and touring for 2021.


Outside from drumming, I run the cymbal repairs and customisation start-up DT Customs which upcycles and renews broken cymbals as a cost-effective solution for the local community (and myself).

  • Ocean Shores Bandcamp
  • Ocean Shores Youtube
  • Antiskeptic


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