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At the tender age of two years old Charley played his first set of drums. 23 years on and his thirst for rhythm has only grown stronger!   


Growing up in Glenlyon, a small town 90 minutes North West of Melbourne, this self taught drummer first began his journey playing Country & Western music. 

Finding influence from some of the greats his family often listened to, the constant encouragement and support received from family and friends helped shape the strong work ethic and drive to pursue a career

in the music industry that Charley has today.  


Now residing in Melbourne and studying under the legend DK Drums Academy - (Bliss N Eso, 28 Days, Behind Crimson Eyes) Charley is spending countless hours in the studio crafting his skills, recording both covers and original material and actively working with a multitude of artists as a session drummer.

With the focus on more teaching roles in and around Melbourne along with managing an ever growing schedule of session gigs and studio work, 2019 is set to be a huge year for Charley and we are beyond excited to have him on the Big Sound Percussion Roster...

Check out Charley and his current projects in the links


  • Facebook-Charley - James
  • YouTube - Charley - James - Drumming
  • Instagram - Charley - James





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