Bryce is one of the most influential performing drummers to come out of Australia. Whose drumming talents and abilities have inspired people all over the world and still continues to.


Beginning to play the drums at a young age, to performing professionally for the past 10 years in a successful band with his brothers SISTERS DOLL. "From the age of 17 when we first toured the states, I saw Mötley Crüe for the very first time in LA. Seeing Tommy Lee, that changed me dude... I knew from that moment on, thats what I wanted to do! Later that week, we played the Whisky. To perform on the same stage where my idol started, mind-blowing."


The passion and love of entertaining comes naturally to Bryce. His influences range from: Tommy Lee, Peter Criss, Eric Singer, Eric Carr, Travis Barker, John Bonham, Frank Zummo, JP Rook, Cristian Coma and many more. Being influenced by KISS to performing alongside his ultimate hero Peter Criss for his final show in New York City, is proof dreams can come true. 


Both idols Tommy Lee & Peter Criss have both worn Bryce's Clothing Brand - "Cherry Lipztick" tees. "A huge spin out man. I sent Tommy some fan mail, thinking in my head he'll throw it out. Later that week in the press, I see a snap of him wearing it! Thank god for the paparazzi haha, pinch myself to this day seeing the video of him strolling down the strip wearing it. As for Peter Criss who I now call my good friend, I sent him over a heap of my merch and he loves it, which is incredible to see him wearing one also."


The sky is the limit for Glam Rock showman Bryce. Who newly introduced a drum solo in a 300+ capacity club, that he calls "The Lipz-A-Whirl!" Where he's on a spinning drum platform, it is truly something to see. Picking up his Ludwig Drums endorsement in 2016, he is well underway with continuous touring in SISTERS DOLL, TV Appearances, attending the Aria Awards & performing at one of Australia's biggest festivals Good Things. Planning to write their 3rd album and tour the states and Europe/UK in 2020. 


He's a well oiled machine, whose career keeps growing.

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